Store Front to ERDAS APOLLO

Create an automated Store Front to ERDAS APOLLO

Do you have large amounts of data that contains information and value that is not currently being leveraged? Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy-to-use solution to maximize the revenue of every pixel and polygon in your database?

The Store Front extension for ERDAS APOLLO from Dotka leverages instant online exploitation of massive collections of imagery and vector datasets. The Store Front API with several webshop client templates provides paid and subscribed access to original photos, mosaics, geodata or PDF reports as prints and downloads. Start increasing revenue from your content today! This is why the Store Front is unique:

From Scanner To Shop In A Day

ERDAS APOLLO Advantage allows for users to go from the “scanner to the shop” in one day.  This solution automatically crawls geospatial data and reads applicable metadata into a catalogue with web services on top. In addition, the Store Front can ingest non-geo data. Adapted for old aerial photographs, when digitized, the system requires the administrator to copy the raw data to the server to be crawled.

One Repository, Multiple Propositions

From a central data repository users can now provide a print to a consumer and a PDF report to an environmental consultant simultaneously through various web shops with multiple propositions. Fortunately, the Store Front offers payment and subscription solutions for businesses and consumers.  This enables both enterprise-level usage, as well as the ability for consumers to purchase and access high-quality photo prints via a bank or credit card.

Transaction Manager

The Store Front automatically manages users, orders, deliveries, payments and business reporting. It includes a brokering option, with the ability to track 3rd party data offerings and remittance.  The system also has a customer portal to store and manage all administrative information for any user to access depending on their role. Order details, order status, user details, invoices and more are accessible – minimizing the need for cumbersome paperwork.

Getting Out There

The Store Front enables geo-RSS, where users can subscribe to a location or area, and the system will automatically send notifications when relevant new data is available. With this geo-marketing tool, organizations can let the system connect users to recently acquired data, and automatically inform them with personalized emails.

Increase revenue from your geospatial content

The Store Front solution will benefit:

  • Geospatial sector, e.g.
    • Owners of geospatial sensors, for online commercial exploitation opening up new markets;
    • Data owners and brokers, offering automated order processing
    • Non profit organizations requiring order administration of their information distribution
  • Sectors offering consumer goods, e.g.
    • Printed media, for personalized marketing campaigns;
    • Food, Finance and Oil & Gas: Large commercial organizations to increase channel sales using personalized marketing campaigns, e.g. supermarkets, gas stations;
    • Real Estate, offering localized environmental information to agents and consumers;
    • Gift shops, offering personalized prints to consumers

Product description

Dotka Data has developed an Imagery archive with 400.000 aerial photographs, accessible in 3 webshops. This operational system has been extended to a generic API, and is available as Store Front to ERDAS APOLLO Advantage software from Hexagon Geospatial. The Store Front API includes three webshop templates for accessing data as original photos, mosaics, geodata or PDF reports, available as prints and downloads.

The webshop client templates allow organizations to offer geospatial information to consumers (B2C) and professionals (B2B/B2G) with compulsory authorization. The Dotka platform enables easy setup of your own shop, but also supports 3 ready-to-use shops, based on:

  1. Dotka Originals (original photographs, eg frame camera scans) – Products both download and print as original
  2. Dotka Mosaic – Products both download and print as cropped from georeferenced image mosaics
  3. Dotka Report – automatic PDF creation and optional TIFF/SHAPE delivery of all selected layers including metadata; delivery in 15 minutes

All products can be delivered as digital download and high quality prints. The API connects to any Print Shop Partner using XML. The API connects to any Payment Service Provider, such as Ogone or a local bank offering. Web shops are available as a template, to quick start your own shop distributing any data, served by a powerful data management solution like ERDAS APOLLO Advantage, but you can also develop your own webshop front-end.

More information: download the Store Front product paper


The Store Front API is the first API enabling fully automated solutions based on large geospatial data stores, to . With ERDAS APOLLO as data management solution and powerful engine robustly serving previews and products, your customers – and your customers’ customers – can instantly access your valuable content online.

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